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Hey Matilda, brainstorm ideas for my next YouTube video

Unsure where to kick off? Ask Matilda to from ground zero, merging your saved knowledge with the vast general knowledge of AI.


Automatic Task Prioritisation & Scheduling

Tired of always asking “what do I need to do today?”. Matilda automatically optimises priorities and workloads for each day.

Docs co-pilot

Predictive risk detection

Is your day at risk? Matilda predicts potential roadblocks and provides solutions even before they occur ensuring smooth project execution.

Unify your knowledge

Automatic rescheduling

Matilda automatically re-prioritises tasks in seconds when tasks take longer than expected.

Discover interrelated content

Real-Time forecasts

Still guessing if projects and tasks will be completed on time? No more constant check-ins and micromanagement.

Auto schedule or not

Have the flexibility of choosing between automatic scheduling for optimal productivity or setting manual due dates.

Integrate just about anything

Customer success
is our success

We’ve helped hundreds of teams Easily complete their projects without hours of manual updating and using complicated Gantt charts.

"I used to spend hours manually setting up our project management tool. I cant actually see live forecasts for each task."

Leslie Alexander

"I used to be so overwhelmed. I never knew what to work on next."

Michael Foster

"The software's impact on our productivity and efficiency has been nothing short of amazing."

Dries Vincent

"I never knew exactly what I needed to do do next. I used to look at all my lists and get anxiety from too much informaion. Now I just go to my “today” and its all worked out for me."

Lindsay Walton

"We used to find out if a project was behind until it was too late. Matilda gives us real-time forecasts so we can make changes as we go to make sure we complete things on time."

Tom Cook

"I’m was always working on the wrong tasks. I never knew where I was going."

Leonard Krasner

"Each day my team actually works on whats important. Its saving us hours a day from organising and working on the right tasks."

Floyd Miles

"This software has empowered us to focus on what we do best, while it takes care of the rest."

Emily Selman

For every team

From Product Management to Marketing - and increase efficiency with an intuitive platform that empowers everyone to .


Endless ways to use it

Any industry, any size. with a tool designed to revolutionise organisation, productivity, and collaboration all within a single .

Knowledge Base

Streamline your team's wisdom by building an easily-accessible and centralised knowledge base.

Issue Tracking

Boost problem-solving capabilities with an efficient system to track, manage, and resolve issues in real time.

Sales CRM

Consolidate your customer interactions, deals, and pipeline in a single CRM system.


Boost your productivity by managing all your daily tasks and personal projects in one place.

Planning and goals

Enhance team performance by planning, tracking, and collaborating on any project,

Customer service

Improve your customer service by managing all support tickets in a single, unified system.

Product Roadmap

Visualise and strategise your product development with our comprehensive roadmap tools.

Meeting Notes

Capture essential details, action items, and decisions from your meetings effortlessly.

Marketing Automation

Build customer relationships for life with data-first digital marketing.

Look at that all new design...

Matilda's goes beyond just Aesthetics. It focuses on crafting a that allows anyone to stay in the flow of their work together with the . This is then seamlessly integrated with the most powerful by , docs, tasks, meet, chat & customers.

Design One
Design four

Consolidate all your tools

From Product Management to Marketing - Reduce costs and increase efficiency with an intuitive platform that empowers everyone to Excel as one.

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$179/month for 10 users

Slack: realtime chat

$12.50/month per user


Asana: Projects and workflows

$24.99/month per user


Zoom: Meetings

$22.39/month per user


Google Workspace: Storage and docs

$12.00/month per user


Salesforce: CRM

$25/month per user



$20/month per user

$1,660/month for 10 users

Matilda also eliminates the Hassle Tax. Gone are the days of juggling separate bills, onboarding people in multiple places, training people how to use different tools. The advantages of Matilda go far beyond mere cost-effectiveness.

Get 5X more done each day

Included in every plan

Payment frequency

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For organizing every corner of your work & life.


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  • 1,000,000 Contacts

Matilda Pro

Most popular

A place for small groups to plan & get organized.

$14.99 user/mo Save 17%

2 months FREE


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  • AI Powered
  • Automatic Scheduling
  • Predictive Risk Detection
  • Real-Time Forecasts
  • Custom Fields
  • Team Management
  • Milestone Timeline

Matilda Plus

For companies using Matilda to connect several teams & tools.

$19.99 user/mo Save 20%

2 months FREE


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30-day money-back guarantee

  • AI Powered
  • Omni-Channel Marketing
  • Private Teamspaces
  • Advanced Security & Controls
  • First-in-line 24/7 Priority Support
  • 1:1 Private Onboarding Tour

90-day money-back guarantee

Enjoy full access to the award-winning Matilda Workspace completely risk-free. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason, you're not satisfied with your purchase tell us within 90 days of buying Matilda and get a full refund.


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